Boost your Sales Conversion Rate To 80% with aiDesker’s AI-Powered Conversational Chat

Effortlessly Incorporate AiDesker Into Your Website, Replacing Standard Chatbots And Delivering Human-Like Communication.


Powering the Future of Customer Service & Conversio

Say Goodbye to Junk Leads

By requesting contact information only after your customer’s queries are addressed, we ensure that all leads received are genuinely interested in doing business with you.

Boost Sales & Conversion

Targeting qualified leads streamlines sales, making closure quicker. This empowers your team to prioritize genuine prospects, boosting efficiency in deal closures.

Business Insights

Track customer interactions and gather valuable data about their needs and preferences. Use these insights to improve your offerings and marketing strategies.

Revolutionize Customer Engagement and Drive Sales with aiDesker

Unlike traditional chatbots, aiDesker prioritizes genuine customer relationships over immediate lead capture. Instead of requesting contact information at the outset of the conversation, aiDesker prioritizes customer satisfaction. It only asks for contact details at the end, where a satisfied customer can choose to provide their information if they are ready to move forward with your business.

This approach fosters a more positive customer experience, building trust and increasing the likelihood of converting leads into potential customers.

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Works for Any Business, Any Website

Regardless of your industry, aiDesker’s well-designed, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform seamlessly integrates into your customer support operations, streamlining interactions and enhancing efficiency.

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Misspells? No Problem : AI Understands

aiDesker’s smart AI technology goes beyond keywords, understanding the intent behind your customers’ inquiries, even if they’re misspelled. This ensures accurate and helpful responses, fostering trust and satisfaction.

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Easy Setup.
No Coding Needed

Simply embed the provided code into your website or web applications, and you’re ready to go. This eliminates technical barriers and allows you to experience the benefits of AI-powered customer service instantly.

Simplify Support, Boost Conversions, Save Big

Your all-in-one solution for cost-effective support and explosive sales growth.