IT Staff Augmentation Services

Build An Innovative Tech Team with Our IT Staff Augmentation Services.

Rapidly deploy our full-stack engineers, UI designers, analysts, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists, seamlessly integrated into your team

Tailored IT Staff Augmentation Services

To Empower Your Organization with Phenomenal Talents

Build a Successful Team from Scratch

Don’t have a team yet? No problem! We help you build your own custom development team from scratch. We source the diverse skill sets you need to bring your business idea to life, and turn its potential into a viable product

Add Resources to Your Existing Project

Add extra resources to your existing team for scalable & quick business growth by deploying our IT staffing augmentation services. Hire our dedicated software developers to enhance the development efficiency of your ongoing project

Vendor Transition / Project-based Augmentation

Whether you’re starting a new project or dealing with issues in an ongoing one, we are the right partner for your journey. Our Agile transformation approach seamlessly revives struggling projects, ensuring success, and delivering results

Our Technical Expertise as a Top IT Staff Augmentation Company

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies, and modern approaches to scale your business and produce endless results via IT staff augmentation

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • DevOps & Cloud
  • Database
  • Next.js
    file_type_svelte Svelte
    file_type_typescript_official Typescript
  • file_type_nestjs Nest.js
    logo_NET .NET
    file_type_php PHP
    file_type_ruby Ruby
    Java Spring
  • Datadog
    Podman Podman
    file_type_docker2 Docker
    Google Cloud
    GitLab CI/CD
  • file_type_mariadb MariaDB
    Oracle DB
    microsoftsqlserver SQL Server

Hire Full Stack Engineers & UI / UX Expertise

Work with our software engineering experts to scale quickly & diligently

Benefits of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Lower Operational Costs

Reduce your company spending by eliminating the costs of office space, equipment, and taxes. Pay for what drives the most value for your company

Access On-Demand IT Expertise

In the dynamic landscape of IT requirements, maintaining an extensive in-house team isn’t always feasible. Our IT staff augmentation services enable you to swiftly onboard incredible talents, precisely matching your current needs

Rapid Initiation of Collaboration

Eliminate the stress of hunting for full-time hires and lengthy commitments. Our expedited hiring process at Flywheel Infotech ensures candidate interviews are arranged within 1-2 days, with project kick-off as soon as 4-5 working days

Unbiased and Innovative IT Insights

Leverage the expertise of external specialists to identify inefficiencies in your IT processes and propose software enhancements. Gain a fresh perspective on your setup for optimized solutions

Full Control

We encourage you to cherry-pick your team members and participate in the screening process. Manage your project success and stay updated on all changes

Why Choose FlyWheel Infotech for IT Augmentation Services

Increased Flexibility

Adapt to fluctuating project demands and market dynamics by seamlessly scaling your IT workforce up or down as needed


Reduce overhead costs associated with recruitment, training, and benefits, while maximizing return on investment

Faster Time-to-Market

Accelerate project timelines and deliver high-quality results by leveraging our pre-screened, qualified talent

Risk Mitigation

Minimize the risks associated with hiring full-time employees, such as turnover, skill gaps, and cultural misalignment

Trusted By Leading Brands

Our roster of partners and clients collaborates as a unified team to achieve greater success

Hire Top Developers for Your Dream Team in 2 Days

Flexible Hiring Models . Faster Time to Market . Pre-Vetted Experts